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27th Annual Poetry Ink Anthology, published by Moonstone Arts Center (2024)

      Stole my words

Afterimages, published by Thirty West Publishing (2023)

      The House

              Listen via the Kaidankai Podcast

Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine (2017)

      Like Rome (built on ruins)

      We started as a lie

BlazeVox Fall 2023, BlazeVox Books (2023)

      Ginger, cinnamon, myrrh


      Orpheus and Eurydice II

      Something like redemption

Cacophony, published by Havik (2023)


      (Fucking) attack me

      I can actually feel something in my chest

      Plato's cave


Cathexis Northwest Press (2023)

      Hungry and wanting

Chunk Lit (2020)


Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (2021)


The Lorelei Signal (2024)

      Let me be brave

Nightmares, published by WayWords Literary Journal (2023)

      Hollows beneath my eyes

The RavensPerch (2023)

      Are you Orpheus

      Cut me open

      Letter to Demeter

      Not Joan of Arc

Remembering Audre Lorde, published by Moonstone Arts Center (2024)

      Into the fire

Return Home podcast (2017-2019)

Winner of the Parsec Award


      Outdated Clocks

      Talk to Me

Rising Phoenix Review (2020-2023)

      Hungry and wanting

      Let's be monsters

      Nuclear shadow​​

      There will be a witness

When We Met, This Is How I Felt, published by Poets' Choice (2023)

      Sun and moon

And some six word scribbles...

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The profile of a woman, her face lined with gold, moves to eat a sliced pomegranate

further praise for And My Blood Sang

And My Blood Sang by Maia Brown-Jackson is a powerful collection that packs a strong punch in a bite-sized package. This chapbook faces themes of trauma and tragedy and turns the pain of womanhood into a work of art.

Brown-Jackson beautifully captures the rage of trauma and the struggle of healing in a succinct yet descriptive manner. A wonderful debut that leaves the reader eagerly awaiting more!


—Sarah Blakely, author of Volcano Girl and Scarlet & Shadows

In 'And My Blood Sang,' Maia Brown-Jackson weaves words with a rare skill, creating a poetic tapestry where meaning is bound neatly between inked and un-inked spaces. Her mastery of language invites readers into an intimate dialogue, making this collection feel like a conversation between old friends, or just as easily, one between wayward traveling strangers. Each verse carries a weight of emotion, leaving a lasting impression that resonates deeply. Brown-Jackson's ability to succinctly express complex emotion is nothing short of remarkable, making this book a testament to the transformative power of poetry and the connection it forges between author and reader.

—Tara Sullivan, Freelancer and Nomad

In her first collection, And My Blood Sang, Maia Brown-Jackson grapples with the complexity of trauma and healing. Alternatively dreamlike and sincere, the singular voice at work in these poems is one we want to follow as it oscillates between mind and body, past and present, ultimately offering a moving reclamation of healing and narrative.

—Alise Alousi, author of What to Count

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