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Maia Brown-Jackson

poetry, fiction, and more

I gave in and made a Substack


If you want more poetry and occasional essays on Societal Appropriateness I Disagree With, you can find them here.


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aia is a symphony of papercuts, banged-up knees, and stubborn determination. She believes in the altruism of strangers, the power of direct action, and the use of the Oxford comma. She strives to offer what she can; here, that offering is her words.

One of the organizations closest to Maia’s heart is the Yuva Organization for Children's Rights. The initial spark of this organization was born the day after the Islamic State first attacked Duhola Village in their ruthless massacre in Sinjar in August 2014. One brave man, who she is honored to call a dear friend, found a way to take action despite the hopelessness of the moment. He took it upon himself to distract the children of Duhola from the violence and fear through education. Ten years later, his efforts have graduated from huddling on mountainsides hoping for rescue to building entire schools in areas previously devastated by the Islamic State. If you want to learn more or donate to help their cause, you can go here.

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